Submitted by: Suzanne
Born: 1976
Died: 2020
My Tribute: Michael struggled with his alcoholism for most oh his adult life. It took him places he never would have been without his addiction. All his potential, loving heart, soul and kindness, intelligence never got to shine. The alcohol made every decision for him. Michael described his disease as, “Dancing with the devil.” On May 15, 2020, they danced their final dance.

Upon his death, during Covid, there was no empathy or compassion from family. Or his friends. Michael had been disenfranchised in his life. Seemingly, people saw only the alcoholic, not the person.
Devastating as his mother. Michael was a wonderful person afflicted with a disease that takes everything, including his life. The lack of empathy is painful. He deserved so much more in life and death.
I ask you who suffered the same type of loss, to send a prayer or kind wish his way.