Mary Mickelson

Submitted by: Marie Minnich
Born: 1976
Died: 2009
My Tribute: Mary Mickelson
December 1976 to August 2009
Age 32
Marie Minnich lost her 32 year old daughter, Mary Mickelsen, to a heroin overdose on the night of August 18, 2009. After 5 days in coma, Mary succumbed and passed on August 23, 2009. Mary’s 16 year-struggle as an addict consumed both her life and Marie’s life. During these years of watching her daughter struggle with the torment of addiction, Marie formed strong opinions about current Drug policy in the United States, and is irrevocably convinced that drug addiction is a health issue, not a criminal issue. There is an urgent need for humane medical treatment for addicts,

Although having no prior formal educational background in medicine, or psychology, these conclusions are based on the experience of living with her daughter’s addiction. Marie’s formal educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, and she is a candidate for Masters of Science in Interior Design. Although immersed in the Design world by vocation, she in no way feels that her professional vocation is incompatible with her newer avocation working with Broken-no-more. It is Marie’s sincere desire to help effect changes to current Drug policy, as well as help transform society’s attitudes towards suffering addicts.