Margo Mae Elizabeth Schwartz (Squirlenn)

Submitted by: Dana Peterson ( Mom )
Born: 1995
Died: 2014
My Tribute: Margo was my only daughter and passed on June 4th 2014.
She was creative, fiercely independent, compassionate and generous. She was my precious baby girl.
I , and her father , older brother and so many of her friends and extended family will miss her so much.
Margo had just finished her last class for high school and passed with a 97 ! She worked so hard for that A .
A light has gone out inside me Margo and I will never be the same without you for the rest of my time here.
We don’t know yet what actually put you over the edge but we know it was an accident and you wanted to live !
She was making plans for college in the Fall and had everything to live for.
I miss you desperately Margo and I still can’t believe it . I look for you in all the places we went and then I remember . So many tears …..
Fly on, Little Wing .