Kieran Ryan Allen

Submitted by: Kate, his mother
Born: 1993
Died: 2014
My Tribute: Our community has tragically lost a valued member of the Allen family of Lafayette. We will never know the full magnitude of our loss, as Kieran never reached his adult potential. We cherish 20 years of happy memories with Kieran.

Kieran was born an 11-pound, beautiful baby with gorgeous blue eyes. He was full of life, energy, and mischief. His brother, Patrick, was his best friend from the day he born, only 14 months apart. Kieran was raised by his close-knit extended family, and was blessed to have Julia in his life, his high-school sweetheart and the love of his life. Colter was Kieran’s best friend, and many high school buddies and family friends mourn his loss.

Kieran was quiet, sweet, sensitive, deep-thinking, intelligent, strong-willed, and sharp-witted. He was a gifted artist, self-taught guitar player, and an articulate writer. We cherish his many clay figures, sketches, paintings, poems, and songs. He loved to cook; his favorite recipe being macaroni and cheese, which he made from scratch, served with chocolate milk. We have many fond memories of Kieran at Stinson Beach, which was his favorite place on earth.

Kieran fought very hard to overcome his disabilities and addictions. As a family, we are heartbroken at his tragic loss. We learned unconditional love, patience, and compassion from Kieran, and we are grateful to have had him in our lives.

He is buried beside his father at Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, California.

RIP, Kieran.