Katie Loring

Submitted by: Terri Loring/mom
Born: 1986
Died: 2014
My Tribute: Katie was a vibrant kind hearted person. She was a loving mother to Christopher 12 and Lily 7, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece & aunt. Katie went out to California in 2012 to enter rehab. She grew-up her entire life in Connecticut. Once she went through the 6 month program she came out and went to work at Animal Kingdom. Animals had always been her life long passion. She got her first apartment there, then her first car. She was so happy. She named her car “Faith”. In 2013 she took a chance and ventured on with her own dog day care pet services business.” Katie Cares Pet Services” in LA, CA. She had a great clientele real quick. Always new people calling to get her services. Her nitch was that dogs were never kenneled, they were in her bed or one the many beds she provided for them. She loved hiking with the dogs at Griffith Park. We have never been but when we get the nerve to visit CA again I will make a trip there. On December 26th 2014 Katie sent me pictures of her new place she would be moving into on the 1st of January 2015. Top floor all for her, entire open 4 bay garage to make a beautiful play area for the dogs. Also a big fenced yard. Unfortunately she never got there. On the morning of Dec 27th I received the call that the horrific drug HEROIN took her life. We love you and miss you our beautiful Katie. RIP until we meet again. I can’t wait.