Jordan Michael Filler

Submitted by: Julie Filler his Mom
Born: 1990
Died: 2014
My Tribute: Jordan our oldest and only son, big brother to 3 little sisters, best and loyal friend, amazing skier, basketball player, and Highschool baseball pitcher, beyond smart, started college at Univ of Illinois, beautiful writer, had a gorgeous voice belting out Disney songs in perfect pitch, hysterically funny, handsome, kind, worshipped the Bulls and Cubs, his favorite number was 23, tragically overdosed at the age of 23. Our family thought he was safe after talking with his rehab. Instead, being ignorant of the Hippa law, they chose not to tell us Jordan was in imminent danger overdosing and surviving, then a second time he was alone with no one to save him. In his honor and memory we started, The Jordan Michael Filler Foundation to prevent, educate, and save lives of kids like Jordan, a one in a million. Loosing our Jordan who’s magical personality was bigger than life has been an every minute struggle. I lost my beautiful boy and no, I will never recover. I want to tell him that I love him and how very sorry I am that it wasn’t his fault. I now know this is preventable, and treatable. The world lost a truly gifted young man and his family lost the love of their lives. Jordan. we promise to keep fighting to erase the stigma so that this never happens to another family as it has ours. If anyone is reading this and wants to hear about advancements, change and watch a video of our boy, go to