John Watson

Submitted by: Donna Donovan
Born: 1986
Died: 2015
My Tribute: John Watson took the next step on this journey Nov. 24th, 2015. . John relapsed that afternoon and died instantly. From what I was told, and what I actually saw, he did not suffer. John had 9 months clean. He was the happiest and most fulfilled I had seen him in years. He shared a beautiful love with Katelyn and her daughter Kinley, he had the support of his recovery community with Broken Chains Recovery House, he had regained a relationship with his sister, Faith Marie, and was building a relationship with his older sister, Victoria Raline.

John battled his addictions for over 15 years. And as many times as I had played this scenario out in my head a thousand times over the years, nothing could have prepared me for the reality. I lost my only son and best friend that day. I understand the mind of an addict…I have one. I understand the depths of depression…I’ve swam in them all of my life. I now understand the weight of the demons my son struggled with, for although he left those when he left this world…I carry them now. It is a weight and pain unlike any other.

I have replayed in my head all the years and mistakes and what ifs. I have no words of advice for anyone. I don’t know what could or could not have been done differently. What I DO know is that I love my son and he knew that…that was all I could do.