Submitted by: Joseph Palermo
Born: 1988
Died: 2015
My Tribute: Well my wonderful son. its a little over three years now and I am still finding love and support with individuals and groups that have lost loved ones to drug overdoses, perhaps accidental. either way, I love you son and grateful to know that you and others whom have experienced untimely unfortunate or misfortunate deaths are being remembered; my boy I remember what a wonderful and strong personality you were while here. so precious, admired and even feared in some places – “badass” like your mom would say. in this tribute son, I want to say – you will remain my son in spirit as you were here in my heart and intentions. you are worthy of a memorial as you were that wonderful and principled. your justifiable anger probably found temporary refuge but I know death by overdose was not your intention. we are getting along. your son and Jheana are beautiful. your mom and sisters are well. we believe you are watching over us. I love you always. Dad.