Submitted by: Janice (mom)
Born: 9/86
Died: 4/16
My Tribute: To my son Jeff. Your energy was contagious. Your outgoing personality and good looks made heads turn when you walked into a room. Your love for making sure everyone in your presence knew who you were. You had the ability to have everything wonderful in life, although something was missing. You were so unhappy with yourself, that you found a relief in drugs. I wake up every morning missing you terribly, since that day 1 year ago that you had passed by overdosing. I miss our long talks, I miss your hugs, I miss you calling me little mom. And I miss you telling me I was the best mom in the world, and you love me more than anyone in the world. 3 days before your death, you told me that you wanted to change your life. You promised me that you were DONE with drugs!! I ask myself. WHY? WHAT WENT WRONG? All I know know is that my heart is broken. I love you unconditionally son. I will wait heartbroken until the day I take my last breath and you meet me in heaven. Rest In Peace my beautiful boy! Love you forever mom ♥️