Jarrod Levi Autterson

Submitted by: Wendy@JarrodsLaw.Org
Born: 1981
Died: 2004
My Tribute: My son Jarrod died in a sober living home while paying for a second set of eyes. What I discovered shocked me to my core. As a result of this tragedy I created JarrodsLaw.Org to find a solution to the complete lack of oversight in Sober Living Homes across this entire nation. There is a change.org petition as well as a whitehouse.org petition to get this movement started.
Please go my my website www.JarrodsLaw.Org to see what happened to Jarrod.
Feel free to contact me personally at (909) 744-9352 if you want to help me with my battle cry and to become ambassadors of change with me. United we stand …divided we fall.
As Jarrod’s mother I decided to get better and not bitter. I honor Jarrod’s life to make sure that he died in valor, not vain, and to hopefully save someone else’s kid from dying as a result of blatant negligence.