GRASP Retreat 2016 Program Memorial Ads

Honor a Loved One with Us

For the 3rd Bi-Annual GRASP Retreat, we are offering you an opportunity to purchase a Memorial Ad in honor of your loved one. 

Because of the devastation wrought by this epidemic, GRASP is growing beyond what we can sustain. Your donation will help us to offset the cost of the Retreat, and allow us to continue our mission in providing sources of help, compassion, and understanding. Your Memorial Ad will also give the Retreat participants a way to honor our GRASP Family and your loved one.

There are two options for the Memorial Ads:

    • Picture Memorial ($50): This ad is business card sized and will contain a 1.5 x 1.5 inch photo, your loved one's name and dates, and allow for a short personal message.
    •  Name & Date Memorial ($25): This ad is 1 x 2 inches and will contain your loved one's full name with the birth and death dates.

hyper-arrow Sign-up For the Program Memorial Ads Here

 Memorial Pages of the program will be available after the Retreat.


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