Glen Tyson Alexander

Submitted by: Margaret Alexander
Born: 1987
Died: 2010
My Tribute: Glen Tyson Alexander
February 17, 1987 ~ July 2, 2010

Glen always said, He didn’t have a purpose in life. He did. He does.

Glen was born in Whittier, CA on February 17, 1987. He was the youngest of six children (2 brothers and 3 sisters). He wanted to be born feet first, but instead they did an emergency c-section. He was the third one of my children to be diagnosed as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and was started on medication in second grade. By eighth grade he didn’t want to take meds anymore. He told me, “I know they make me behave better, but I don’t like the way they make me feel”. He always dealt with anxiety and depression and was diagnosed bipolar as a young adult.

When he was three years old, he start talking to me about his imaginary farm or barn and all his animals. He told me he would take me there some day, but it was far-far away and we would have to fly. Glen always loved animals, especially dogs and reptiles (snakes being his favorite reptile). When he died he left a big fish tank, with colorful fish, big rocks, and a castle in it.

Whatever his problems were, they didn’t keep his family and friends from loving him. He had a unforgettable smile, a very funny sense of humor, and a way of living life to the fullest. He had his own words for things and we called them “Glenism’s”. He was soft spoken and a good listener. Glen loved kids and they loved him, especially his nieces and nephews. Glen had compassion and a unique understanding of others and what they were going through. Many of his friends miss hanging out with Glen and having those conversations they shared about life. They also miss his way of thinking up crazy things to do to have fun.

Glen was all boy and loved the outdoors. He met most of friends doing guy things; skateboarding, bicycling, dirt bike riding, riding go-peds, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, fishing, hunting, target shooting, and so on. When he got older he added motorcycles and a truck to his collection of toys with wheels. He didn’t like big get together’s or going to parties Hugh crowds overwhelmed him.

Glen lost his grandfather in ’96, whom he was very close to. In ’98 Glen’s father passed away from lung cancer. Glen was only 11. Both these deaths were very hard for Glen. He really missed having that male figure in his life. Glen had a natural gift when it came to mechanical skills. He just instinctively knew how to repair things without any formal training. The garage was one of Glen’s favorite places to hang out with his friends. Often they would bring over their various motorized toys to have Glen work on them.

Glen had his second motorcycle accident in 2008. He almost lost his right leg and was hospitalized for a month. During that time he had five surgeries and was on the strongest of pain medications. Up until then, the only drug Glen had done was to smoke marijuana. He was very anti anything else and the marijuana helped him with his anxiety. Glen missed not being able to do all the physical activities that he had done before that accident.

I am sure Glen didn’t commit suicide, but he became careless with his life. Late in the night (June 30, 2010), he did a speed ball (heroin and meth). This was something new for Glen and his body just could not handle it. Glen was sick all the next day. He just moaned. I had never seen him like this before, and asked him several times if he wanted me to take him to the hospital or call 911. He would say, no. He said, he was hot and I told him the air conditioner was already on. He had me aim the fan directly at him and then said, that was better. I stayed home all that day in case he changed his mind or needed anything. All he wanted was water. I went in to say goodnight at about 10:30 and he asked for a cup of hot tea. This was meaningful to me later because Glen normally didn’t drink hot tea. My dad who passed away in ’96 loved hot tea and I had always kept it on hand for him. I believe Glen passed away shortly after that and I would like to think my dad came to greet him. As I mentioned earlier, my dad and Glen were very close. Glen was pronounced dead by paramedics on Friday morning, July 2, 2010.

The autopsy revealed that the secondary cause of death was that Glen had an enlarged heart. His brother Steven said, “He wasn’t surprised to hear that. He always knew Glen had a big heart”.

I loved Glen so much and he loved me. I am so proud to be his mom. There won’t be a day that goes by that I won’t think of Glen. I find strength knowing, he is at peace and happy in heaven now and look forward to the day I will see him again.

Glen was searching for a purpose in his life and wondered why he was ever born. He could never understand why I tried so hard to help him, and thought I was wasting my time. I could only see all he had to offer.

Glen wrote some notes after his motorcycle accident in 2008. I believe these notes were not an accident, but a part of God’s plan for Glen’s life.

Some Clips from Glen’s notes he wrote after his motorcycle accident in 2008:

“God, I concede this time to become closer to You.”

“I want You to be strong within me. Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I’m asking You God, give me strength to fulfill your word. I need help. I want You in my heart where ever I go. Shield me from evil. Give me life. I’m not truly happy without You.”

“Life’s too short to not do the things you love. Sometimes the worst thing is the best thing. It shows you reality.”

“Life is full of ups and downs. How you deal with downs will prepare you to do well.”

“Even though I was doing wrong. Let me heal O Lord. Give me life. Show me the way.”

“You don’t always get what you want. But if you try, sometimes, you get what you need.”

“I asked, if there is a God show me! This prayer felt strong in my heart. I trusted in You. You didn’t let me down.”

“Let me clear my head. Rest my eyes. Bless my family and friends. Because they got me. ‘No worries mate’. Let Your light shine. God bless. I’m sorry mom. Let me shine. Patience is love.”