Submitted by: annabun
Born: 1995
Died: 2016
My Tribute: Our son died at the age of 21 after battling bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and a long history of self medicating these conditions with street drugs and prescription drugs that were no prescribed to him. He has been gone approximately a month and I struggle everyday with anxiety which has begun to interfere with my ability to leave my home. My husband found him dead in his bed in the morning and there is an ongoing investigation into his death. My son was an avid reader, loved music, camping, fishing, and video games. He had been in treatment and had just received his 90 day sober badge. His death was so unexpected and I do not know how to deal with the grief. There are very few services in our local area for mental health, drug addiction, or support groups for people in our situation. I just cannot fathom how we are going to survive this. Markus never left me without telling me he loved me and giving me a hug. He was kind, polite, and so very loving. Everything around me reminds me of all the good in Markus and how he filled our lives with so many good things despite the constant struggles of his addictions and choices.