Eric Stallings

Eric Stallings tribute
Submitted by: Tammy
Born: 1970
Died: 2021
My Tribute: My only sibling, my baby brother, Eric. I wonder if you know how much I loved you or how much I miss you. You were my bubby and there is now a huge hole in my heart that can never be filled again because you are gone. You struggled for most of your life with mental illness and substance abuse. Your death was classified accidental, which it most certainly was because you had no way of knowing that you were given fentanyl. Five months later, I still cannot believe that you are really gone. Maybe I will never accept it. But, your life mattered! You were handsome, so, so funny and intelligent and you were incredibly loving. No one was a better listener than you and you gave the best and most insightful advice of anyone I have ever known. Sissy loves you.