David Paul Borandi

Submitted by: Elizabeth Borandi Sanger
Born: 1981
Died: 2016
My Tribute: A Single Grain of Sand
Elizabeth Sanger – October 21, 2016
(I wrote this for my son not longer after he died)

I placed this kiss upon your brow
for you have left me now
I grieve when I wake
I grieve when I sleep
But to you my promise I did keep

I am leaving you now.
Was I wrong to deem
that my life is now in this dream?
Yet hope has been dreamed away
within a night and within a day.
Are you a vision or an impression
which is therefore any less gone?
All that I see or have seen
is all but a dream within a dream.

I stand among the beckoning roar
at the edge of a damned and tormented shore.
Grasping tightly in my hand
are the grains of white colored sand.
How many, how few and how they creep
from my fingers into the deep.
I weep for a loss the pain that I weep!
As I cannot grasp
any with a tighter clasp?
Why can I not save a single grain
from the angry wave?
Is this all that I see it would seem
a dream within a dream?

I placed a kiss upon your brow
for in that moment you have left me now
I grieve you when I wake
I grieve you when I sleep
My son, my promise to you I forever shall keep