Cody Casper

Submitted by: Kelsey Casper. Sister
Born: 1987
Died: 2016
My Tribute: My brother was 5 years old than me. We were always at different stages of life but he was my hero from the beginning. I always wanted to be just like him. The way he lit up a room with his presence. His fear of nothing and ability to make friends so easily. I didn’t realize that he had self esteem issues and so much pain until the first time I found out about his addiction. Even after I knew he was sick I looked up to his ability to keep fighting and fixing his life. He always ended up back on his feet after he fell. No matter how hard he fell. It wasn’t until his addiction began that we became closer that he would invite me over for dinner or a drink. My closest time with my brother was while he was fighting his demons. And I was trying so hard to fight them for him. In early 2016 he got clean for the longest amount of time he ever had. He had gotten a great job in the union that required drug testing. He got an apartment all by himself with no ones help. He was proud he was seeing his worth. The week he died was a bad week for him. He got laid off and he got in a car accident. He was feeling down. He fell back to his demons. He used for the first time in 8 months. They ran a tox screen. It was the first time he relapsed. But the heroin was laced with fetynal it killed him imediately. My parents found him December 21st 2016. He was clean and one mistake later he was dead. I constantly see my brother in every thing I do. And I’m searching for ways to end the stigma and to save people in our community. That’s how I hope to heal.