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Andrew Todd Cicotte

Submitted by: Jani McNeill Born: 1974 Died: 2010 My Tribute: The Lord makes all things new. My precious little brother.

Terry Lee Hartzog

Submitted by: GC Born: 1963 Died: 2011 My Tribute: Terry Lee Hartzog April 12, 1963 – September 27, 2011 Age 48 Terry was my youngest child, and what a blessing he was.His childhood was filled with, fishing baseball, soccer and boxing,. After years of strugling with addiction, he was trying so hard to live a […]

George David Maras

Submitted by: GC Born: 1968 Died: 2007 My Tribute: George David Maras Age 39 (Georgie) had many fine qualities. He was brilliant with numbers, and could calculate without pen and paper – even after his 2002 car accident in which he sustained a traumatic brain injury. He loved to cook, working as a chef, creating […]

Ryan Mathew Cline

Submitted by: GC Born: 1988 Died: 2010 My Tribute: Ryan Mathew Cline March 2, 1988 – November 6, 2010 Age 22 Was this his final thought? I slowly sink back almost falling into the toilet. I let out one last moan before opening the door to my own personal “Eden.” A wave of heat encompasses […]

Jason Bochette

Submitted by: Terri Bochette Born: 1979 Died: 2008 My Tribute: Jason Bochette Jason always brought fun and laughter to all around him until Jason was introduced to heroin his laughter became sadness and pain he felt he was walking without a soul. I found my son dead in his room on Sept 09, 2008 with […]

James Arthur Klein, Jr.

Submitted by: Barbara Kenny Born: 1974 Died: 2010 My Tribute: Our beloved 35-year-old son, Jamie died as a result of a “cocktail” of heroin and meth. A trace of ecstasy along with his prescribed medications were also found in his system. Jamie struggled during most of his life with a depressive disorder, which led to […]

Brian Harvey

Submitted by: GC Born: 1973 Died: 2006 My Tribute: Brian was a joy to be around, and stood out as a compassionate and kind-hearted soul. He grew up surrounded by a loving family, sharing his home and childhood with other children in need of a safe haven. Brian’s life came to an end suddenly on […]

Anthony Joseph Mesoraca

Submitted by: Gary Cullen Born: 1979 Died: 2008 My Tribute: My amazing son, intelligent, loving, funny. My bright & shining star is now my Angel above. I will never be the same because when you left, you took a piece of me with you. Forever Loved, Forever Missed.

Yusef Roge’ Kallab

Submitted by: Kallab Family Born: 1982 Died: 2009 My Tribute: My son was severely injured in a motorcycle accident resulting in a broken back. He spent two months in the hospital due to complications and was on intravenous morphine and opiate based drugs. I raised my concern about addiction to his Doctor at the time […]

Dump Truck

Found, piece by piece, posthumously - Written by Jeff Cullen in September 2001 - 7 years before he died of an overdose.  If anyone thinks this is "partying" or having fun, I think they should read this more than once.  This is a heart-wrenching piece written by a 20-year-old, 5 years into his drug use.  […]