Submitted by: Hannah Michalak
Born: 2000
Died: 2019
My Tribute: Annie has been my best friend since we were in diapers. She loved sparkly things and great mexican food. When we were little she wore bows in her hair. She enjoyed dancing and was smarter than she ever realized. When we were kids we’d drink cran-grape juice out of wine glasses at dinner and thought we were the coolest kids alive. We were. She wanted to be a cosmetologist so she could “wear cute outfits” to work. We used to do each others hair and makeup. I always knew she’d want to make a living out of making others feel beautiful. The way she made me feel. She overdosed on heroin two weeks before i left for boot camp. Its been 7 months and i still cannot breathe. I’m still so lost, confused, hurt, angry. I think now is the time i begin the road to acceptance. I need help. Hopefully i can find that here.