Annette Marie Alonzo/Dick

Submitted by: Sonia Annette Alonzo
Born: 1989
Died: 2014
My Tribute: Annette was an amazing child and accomplished everything she put her mind to. Annette loved her family more than words could ever say.

Annette lit up the room with her stunning smile. Joey’s daddy said, “She had a radiant aura.”

Annette loved her son Joey (Bug) (Jo-Jo) with all her heart and soul. At Christmas time she gave Joey a book. Here are a few words from her, “Even when we are apart–I hold you deep within my heart.” She had a fascinating gift as a writer and had the ability to take others words and make them sound poetic. All who knew her loved her exquisite sense of style.

To our gorgeous little sissy, our love for you is so strong it will never fade. We love you, Net Net, and will forever be missing you. Crystal, Jesse and Tim