Andreis Costa

Andreis Costa tribute
Submitted by: Ariann Costa
Born: 1981
Died: 2016
My Tribute: I remember New York City street corners, holding onto your NorthFace backpack trying to disguise the rattle of spray paint cans inside. Constantly evading the police. climbing up scaffolding, trespassing rooftops. you were so fucking cool. Your swagger. Your presence. You stood tall. could always find you in a crowd. People who knew you, say we laugh the same. I love holding onto any commonalities with you. because know in time they will fade, sadly.
I remember being sixteen and living in Paris, you came to visit, it was during your Freshman year at Bard and suddenly you were an adult. I always looked up to you. You protected me.

I remember miles long walks around the city, (when I say “the city”, I mean New York).at night, at dawn, with Gusto. Lobster lunches at Blue Ribbon, those wooden booths at John’s Pizza on Bleeker where dad would never allow us to carve our name into, despite the decades worth of damage. I remember sitting on stoops, smoking on fire escapes, walking around…