Adam Pierce

Submitted by: Mom
Born: 1978
Died: 2015
My Tribute: My son Adam was 37 yrs. old, worked full time and had 2 beautiful children. He died Sept. 2015. He was bi-polar before he became an addict. After another stint of 2 this past summer in the Psyc. ward and sent to another go at rehab, he told me this was his last go round. He said he can beat the drugs, but the bi-polar always got in the way of making the right decision. He had the prettiest blue eyes and a sweet smile, but he felt he was pure evil and the demons took over his great personality. He was tired of the struggle and after 30 days in the rehab, he passed away less then 48 hours at a “sober house” after being released from rehab. He got his wish, his struggle is over, but mine, his dad’s, sister, brother, daughter and son’s has now begun. It’s so hard knowing he is no longer on this planet, I talked to him almost daily, and I miss his voice. I love you and will miss you forever Adam.