Adam Chamberlin Parker

Submitted by: Kathy Parker
Born: 1991
Died: 2013
My Tribute: Adam Chamberlin Parker
June 4, 1991 – July 1, 2013

Adam was an inspiration to many, his mom included.  He was very loving, and had a soft spot in his heart for helping the elderly and enjoyed being in the moment spending time with children.  He had this BIG grin of a smile that just lit up the room when he walked in, a great sense of humor and always made others laugh, and just feel better once they were with him.  He had this very agile, strategic ability that came natural to him, both in athletic sports and in mental challenges like chess or poker.  He will always be remembered for his empathy for the underdog, always took care for the ones left behind.  Adam will be greatly missed by his family and large circle of close friends, and so many lives that he touched with his inspiration…yet will never be forgotten.

A sweet friend of mine told me that she sees Adam playing a much bigger part in the scheme of things here in this physical plane, than anything he could have done if he would have lived.  I have always been very spiritual, but since Adam’s passing I see things spiritually in such a different perspective and strongly feel the ‘push’ or need to explore much deeper into the after-life.  I also feel that through my exploration, I will find a much deeper, richer relationship with my son than ever before, or would have experienced if he was still here with me.  For this realization, I feel blessed.

“Adam, my Love, your beautiful smile and warm hugs will forever be felt by me.  Your immense kindness and compassion for others truly inspires me.  We had a very special closeness and bond between us, that I will never forget.  Your energy and spirit will always be present, and fond memories of you will forever be spoken.  I will always feel your heart close to mine….I love you so so much, Honey!” ~mom