Eric Hollenweger tribute

Erich Michael Hollenweger

Eric Hollenweger tribute
Submitted by: Mom
Born: 3/90
Died: 6/16
My Tribute: Gone way too soon. I love you always, no matter what.
Been 6 years and not a day goes by that I don’t miss you.

Austin Levi tribute

Austin Levi

Austin Levi tribute
Submitted by: Austin’s mom
Born: 0789
Died: 2018
My Tribute: My beautiful son Austin Levi Thackston… This child was a wonderful gift from God. He had a beautiful soul with a heart of gold. The gift of his life completed my world . I honor him for the love God gave us to share. Thank you Jesus. I didn’t get to keep him for my whole earthly life but he was the most wonderful blessing I have received. He was my only child and when he left this Earth he took my shattered heart with him. I hold on to the promises of God and I know I will see my sweet child again one day.

Amy Ruby tribute

Amy Ruby

Amy Ruby tribute
Submitted by: Gayle Rutledge
Born: 1978
Died: 4/22
My Tribute: My lovely daughter,43. OD twice and was released from the hospital one month before the police found her dead in her apartment, we called for a wellness check. I never dreamed she would do that. I had my mother’s blinders

Jean-Claude Seguin tribute

Jean-Claude Seguin

Jean-Claude Seguin tribute
Submitted by: Rose Seguin Barnett
Born: 0824
Died: 0423
My Tribute: Jc was born Aug 24 78 Kitchener Ontario at the age 43 due to a long painful battle with drug addiction. Jc was a talented welder. A huge Montreal Canadian fan and collector He enjoyed working on cars and snowmobiling and found strength and comfort in music. But mostly he was a beautiful compassionate person who loved his family and pet children. We miss him so much but are comforted in the fact that he is with Jesus and all departed loved ones Thank you for being my son and being a part of my every day. We look forward to meeting you again. Love mom and family

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