Phillip King

Submitted by: Susan King
Born: 1994
Died: 2016
My Tribute: I was blessed to have my son Phillip in my life for 22 years. His spirit was nothing short of extraordinary, he went skydiving, snowboarding, cliff diving, hiking, and painted beautiful pictures. He was happiest when he could feel the wind and sunshine on his face. He was known to lift his loved ones spirits by his kindness, sense of humor and big hugs. There is so much about him to miss, my heart aches for another one of those hugs very moment of every day. I pray his spirit is walking in sunshine, soaring with angels and sharing the tremendous love in his heart. For now I have only memories, funny stories and pictures but I will see him again. And when I do, he can say welcome home Mama bear, give me a hug and share with me the wonder, peace and beauty of heaven. God bless you my son, rest in paradise.

Michael Taylor McCarty

Submitted by: Whitney
Born: 1993
Died: 2016
My Tribute: My dear brother. I will never feel completely whole again.

Adam Travis Audet

Submitted by: Kim Audet
Born: 1994
Died: 2017
My Tribute: I lost my beautiful son one month ago to an overdose. Adam was so full of life till this terrible disease of addiction captured him. He was the most lovable, kind, considerate, person you would ever know. His smile lit the room. He has struggled for many years with his addiction. He even started to work as a withdrawal specialist during one rehab stay, and has touched lives everywhere. He will be truly missed. I Love you my beautiful boy to the moon and back. You are in my Heart Always

Chuck Gill

Submitted by: Vikki (Sister)
Born: 1969
Died: 2016
My Tribute: To my dear brother, my only sibling, oh how I miss you. You have been gone 3 months now and not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. So many miles between us, separated from the time we were young, but I have always loved you brother and that bond will never be broken. I have been so very burdened watching you suffer over the years, unable to let go of the past that kept rewinding in your mind. You were a tormented soul and that broke my heart. Even though I am 2 years younger than you, so often I wished I could just take you in and take care of you. To make it all better for you. I knew you had a darker side of your life that you hid from me, and although I knew a lot more than you realized, I truly didn’t know it was this dark. I am so heartbroken to know that you were in turmoil all of your adult life and you died alone at 47 trying to numb yourself to the pain. This is very hard for me to bear. I pray with all of my heart that we will be reunited in heaven because I miss you. You told me one time, in a dark moment, that if you died no one would miss you and you would quickly be forgotten. If I could let you know anything right now, I would want you to know, as I told you then, that you were so wrong. You are very much loved and missed and always will be. I love you brother.

Christina Marie Kirsch

Submitted by: Franca Kirsch
Born: 1987
Died: 2016
My Tribute: Tomorrow will be my first birthday without my beautiful daughter Christina Marie. I had 28 wonderful and beautiful memories with my daughter. She was my best friend, my rock, my partner, my everything and I miss her so very, very much. We did everything together even go to the corner deli. She was beautiful inside and out and she loved everyone. She never judged anyone and accepted people for who they were. She graduated with high honors from grammar school, high school and on the deans list 4 years in a row in college. She graduated Magna
Cum Laude from Pace University. In grammar school and in high school she participated in many sports in Junior Varsity and Varsity. She was president of her high school class both in junior and senior years, was a student ambassador, participated in community events and a mentor to grade school children. I will always love my beautiful daughter to the moon and back and to infinity and beyond. She will always be my shining star. I know she is always watching over me and she sends me many signs. R.I.P my beautiful angel and until me meet again, know that I will always love you forever…..Mommy


Submitted by: Mom
Born: 0584
Died: 0117
My Tribute: I’m hurt. Just simply hurt, my only son. He’s free ,
So free to be drug free. He’s home with our Lord and savior.

Nathan Huggins-Rosenthal

Submitted by: Jessica Holtsbaum- his sister
Born: 1981
Died: 2016
My Tribute: We miss you so very much. I can’t believe we are coming up to a year since loosing you. You were so sweet on my wedding day…even though my maid of honour said you weren’t allowed to see me before the ceremony, you laughed and barged in anyways. Life is not the same with one less sibling. We are fighting for those struggling, fighting so that others don’t have to go through this kind of loss. Sending you so much love, so much lightness. xoxo Your sister.