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Moving speech by Australian GRASP member, Helena Wong

MichaelDate: August 17, 2013
Author: Helena Wong

Address given to a Regional Bereavement Practitioners Discussion Group Gathering on Living with Trauma and Loss – Helena Wong, 17/8/2013.
The issue surrounding death is very confronting for most people especially the death of a child. It is more so when it relates to the death of a child as a result of overdose. If the cause of death is of natural causes or a disease like cancer, others are very forthcoming with their sympathy. However when the death is an overdose, others find it awkward and do not know how to react and often in their minds, they are quick to judgment of the person who used drugs and their family. Hence the grief is not validated, adding another layer to the grieving process. By allowing me to tell my story you are helping me to heal.

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The Overdose Crisis and A Wife of a Rocker Warns about Overdose

Grethchen BergmanDate: September, 2013
Author: Gretchen Burns Bergman &
Author: Julia Negron
Source: Sober World

 There is nothing more tragic than young lives being lost unnecessarily before
they have a chance to reach their full potential. The grief experienced by parents
and family members left behind is heightened by the sense of frustration and
even rage, that this loss could have been prevented. Yet, many don’t talk about
accidental fatal overdose because of shame and stigma.

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