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The Stigma of Drug Overdose: A Mother’s Story

Denise and Jeff CullenDate: March 19, 2013
Author: NC Harm Reduction Coalilition
Source: Daily KOS

Denise Cullen has lived through one of the worst tragedies a mother can experience – losing a child. But if there is anything worse than losing a child, it is losing a child to a drug overdose, because grief is accompanied by stigma and blame.
Denise lost her only son, Jeff, when he was 27 years old to a fatal combination of morphine and Xanax. She remembers him as “warm, open, loving, bright and stubborn. He had a huge laugh and a fabulous smile,” she says. He was also impulsive and suffered from ADD.
“We were very, very close,” Denise recalls. “Even during those horrible years [of drug use], he and I never became distant from each other.  It was torturous at times but the one thing that was always, always apparent was that he loved his family and his family loved him.  No matter what.”

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